As chaos reigns and humanity teeters on the edge of destruction, these divine beings, long forgotten and underestimated, begin to stir. With the cosmic balance hanging in the balance, the goddesses emerge from the shadows, their strength amplified by centuries of slumber.


$100 Deposit

pre-registration perks

Asteria Mas Band is a captivating fusion of creativity and tradition in the world of carnival. We aim to craft intricate and visually stunning costume designs, while providing a magical road experience for our masqueraders. Asteria transports masqueraders into a realm of mythical beauty. With a commitment to excellence, this band aims to deliver an unforgettable carnival experience, combining artistry, music, and a vibrant celebration of culture.

  • First priority for costume registration in any section of choice
  • Mystery Gift Item
  • $10 USD bonus in addition to $100 towards costume purchase
  • Guaranteed spot in section even if deemed sold out

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